About Ruud van Rijn - Founder of DeRhenum Watches

Greetings, horology enthusiasts and watch aficionados! I'm delighted to welcome you to the world of DeRhenum Watches, a realm where timekeeping meets innovation, and craftsmanship marries creativity. I'm Ruud van Rijn, the driving force behind DeRhenum Watches, and I'm thrilled to share my passion for horology with you.

My journey in the world of watches began with a simple fascination that has grown
into an unwavering devotion. The name "DeRhenum" is a nod to my lineage, derived from my last name "Van Rijn." It's a name that carries with it the essence of my heritage and a legacy that I'm proud to uphold.

At the heart of my venture lies my latest creation: a jump hour watch that's as much a masterpiece of precision as it is a testament to innovation. With a chronograph feature that captures the essence of time's fleeting moments, this watch is a symphony of form and function. The unique "bullhead" shape of the watch is a testament to my love for bold and innovative designs that challenge convention and make a statement.

My journey as a watch enthusiast has evolved into a profound fascination with mechanical wristwatches. Drawing from my experiences and my relentless pursuit of excellence, I've meticulously designed this watch myself. My journey as a watchmaker took root in the hallowed halls of 'Schoonhoven,' where I honed my skills and refined my artistry, inching closer to my dreams.

Over two decades, I've passionately curated a collection of jump hour watches, which has led me to be known as the "Jump Hour King" on Instagram (@jumphourking). My insatiable thirst for knowledge and appreciation for the intricate mechanics of these watches have been the guiding lights in my journey.

But my journey doesn't stop here. I'm also in the process of penning down a book about jump hour watches, set to be unveiled to the world in early 2024. This endeavor is not just a collection of words; it's a culmination of my experiences, my learnings, and my sheer passion for the art of timekeeping.

Collaboration is at the heart of progress, and I'm excited to have teamed up with Gertjan Westerbeke of JHC Watches, an experienced master watchmaker from Delft. Together, we're bringing to life a timepiece that not only reflects our shared expertise but also embodies our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

As you explore the world of DeRhenum Watches, I invite you to become a part of this journey. Join me in celebrating the artistry of horology, the innovation of design, and the boundless fascination we share for the world of mechanical wristwatches. Here's to preserving traditions, embracing innovation, and keeping time in style.

Yours in horology,

Ruud van Rijn

Founder, DeRhenum Watches